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Todmorden Pride

Taking a practical approach to the regeneration of Todmorden


Welcome to the new Todmorden Pride web site. A guided tour around the site, what’s online and how we’re opening up the discussion on Todmorden’s regeneration. 


The Todmorden Pride Board, operating as a voluntary group, includes a diverse range of representatives drawn from all sectors of the community of Todmorden. The objectives of the partnership are to forge a sustainable future for Todmorden as a community, exploiting its considerable architectural heritage and environmental advantages.

The web site has been set up to showcase what is being achieved by Todmorden Pride and the community and to involve the people of Todmorden in the regeneration of our town. As in our name, we hope to engender a sense of pride in the town and to foster debate as to its future.

A Quick Tour of the site

We hope the web site is easy enough to follow, however, we’ll briefly run through a tour.

The home page shows our most recent and important news. Each news article has a ‘READ ARTICLE’ link which leads to the full article from the excerpt on the home page. From time to time we may feature articles in the top spot even if not the most recent news. Also on the home page are letters from members of the community with a link to the full letter on another page. Both our articles and your letters can have further discussion after each published piece. We hope that you join us in the debate with informed articles, letters and comment.

To the right of each page on the site is a ‘sidebar’ with quick links to specific parts of the site such as news relating to areas of the town and surrounding villages. Also in the sidebar, you may occasionally see related facilities to the page you’re viewing such as social bookmarking links and downloads to help with viewing attached documents. There’s also a site wide search should you not find what you’re looking for.

The News page lists our most recent news. For viewers who prefer to read their news via an RSS reader, an RSS News feed listing the latest news is also available.

The Events page lists upcoming events such as when our next meeting is.

Our About page is where to find information about Todmorden Pride, how it’s constituted and who we are.

In our Library page we keep records of our meetings which are held in PDF format.

Finally, our Contact page lets you submit letters to Todmorden Pride and lists contact details for other methods of getting in touch with us.

We welcome your comments

As with Todmorden, a web site is always a work in progress so we look forward to any other suggestions on how best we can further the debate. Please leave your comments using the form below.

July 24, 2008


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Established in January 1998 the Todmorden Pride Board, operating as a voluntary group, includes a diverse range of representatives drawn from all sectors of the community of Todmorden.

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